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Our passion at Horizon Family Chiropractic is to assist you, your family and friends in attaining an optimal state of health naturally, through chiropractic. Our vision is to create a healthy community by educating about a “wellness” way of life.

At Horizon Family Chiropractic we seek wellness knowing it is the degree to which an individual experiences health & vitality in any three of the dimensions of your life: physical, biochemical & emotional. These three are all profoundly connected. Making positive changes in one dimension can automatically lead to positive changes in another. When all three dimensions change at the same time, the results can be positively life transforming! If you are not experiencing true wellness, something is interfering with this process.

Our team wants to see your body function at its optimal ability by taking care of your nervous system which controls every tissue, cell, and organ in your body. We want to give you the opportunity to ‘correct’ your health problems that are creating your pain and discomfort without drugs or surgery!

We also have a huge passion to see the needs of children and their crucial beginnings to health and wellness be achieved.

Our hearts desire is to serve others by service and giving of ourselves. By doing so…this will create lives without pain, families with increased love and an exhilarating spirit to excel in all that they do.

At Horizon Family Chiropractic it’s not just about your health… it’s also about your life!

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